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31 January 2012

It Is Finished!

My sabbatical that is. No doubt my return to the classroom, meetings with colleagues and my regular parish will equip me with fodder for a regular return to this blog.

20 January 2012

New Year, New Life

This is the first year in many years that I've done anything like resolutions. I find myself having returned to my city, my job, my home, my church, my spaces and places for a new beginning. My sabbatical year was a year of Jubilee. And now the clock has reset. In many ways, I am beginning again - yet not quite starting over. My resolution, intention, kavanah, is to renew my vocation and relationships in and to this place and these people and, cultivate new ones along the way.

12 January 2012

Epiphany Shadows

The light of Epiphany 
penetrates the world
illuminating salvation 
and casting its own shadows.
The shadows of Epiphany
show us as we are
in need of deliverance 
from our very selves.
Light and shadow
pour over our planet
finding cracks and crevices

01 January 2012

A New Year

I look back with gratitude over the year that has passed. It has been one of the best of my life. I look to the new year with anticipation. I don't know how it/I will top the past one. But I do not believe that the best God and life have for me is in my past. So there is something wonderful waiting for me. I will need to remind myself of this when the wonder of the coming year is not particularly obvious.