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16 June 2009

Chrysler Doesn't Get It

Chrysler is ready to venture off life-support and open a plant, a single plant.
In this economy, Chrysler has decided to return to operations with a plant that produces on a $90,000 car that gets 12 miles per gallon, if that. (It is well-known that official MPG figures can be overestimated by up to thirty percent.)
Don't get me wrong, the Viper is a beautiful car. But cash-strapped Americans are not going to spend our hard earned money on a car that is worth more than the plunging values of our depressed homes - for the first 24 hours before it too loses value exponentially. And certainly not when gas is again $3.00 a gallon in California and those prices are headed east. (The price of gasoline has risen every day for the past 48 days in opposition to the price of oil.)

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