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26 October 2010

A Prayer for Healing Body & Soul

אל נא רפא נא לא
אל נא רפא
אל נא
Hear Holy One, hear and heal.
Hear Holy One, hear.
Hear Holy One.

22 October 2010

Can I Tell You How I Really Feel?

There are all sorts of currency in relationships.
There are all sorts of ways to be used and spent.
And there is a poverty that transcends money.

20 October 2010

Shattered Dreams

I have dreamed a dream...
And now that dream is gone from me.

13 October 2010

Sanctuary and Solitude

I crept into the sanctuary in the waning light. One small votive before the patron saint flickered in the side chapel. High above the holy place a sanctuary lamp glimmered through its scarlet jewel casing. There was just enough vesper light to gently illumine the windows. The holy dark of the church was warm and welcoming.
As I fell to my knees to say my prayers I was so grateful for the place and space to pray. Alone. In solitude but not in loneliness.
I know the life and work of the church is in community. And that very few are afforded the privilege of having an entire sanctuary to pray in empty of other souls and voices. Yet I could hear the sounds of the world grounding me in prayer.
I would taste this banquet again.

07 October 2010

Choosing Enmity

You shall love your neighbor as your self.
Who is my neighbor?
Let me tell you a story... Who was the neighbor to the man in need? Go and do like wise.

Pray for your enemies.
Who are my enemies? How did they become my enemies?
Is enmity a choice? What choices did I make? What choices did they make?

As much as lies within you live at peace with all people.
How do I do that when others are choosing the path of enmity daily?

I don't want my enemies to be my footstools. I don't want them to be humiliated. I just don't want enemies.

Is there anything I can do to help someone else choose peace and reconciliation?

One thing I have learned is that forgiveness does get easier when it is repeated on a daily basis for daily offenses.