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21 August 2011

Blessing God

One of my rabbinic colleagues mentioned the tradition that a (Jewish) person should make a hundred b'rakoth a day. A b'rukah is a blessing. In the basic form the person praying blesses God for all manner of things. The blessing is formulaic:
Blessed are you Holy One our God, sovereign of the universe who...
and here is where the hundred-fold blessings come in.
For what does one bless God? For everything.
Today I bless God -
who has given us the gift of Sabbath
who has called me to holy work
who has given me the opportunity to experience leisure
who has created plants with leaves in 1001 shades of green
who opens doors for me
who has surrounded me with friends and family and colleagues and students
who has taught me gratitude
who hears my prayers
who hears my laments
who wrestles with me in the words in the Word. 
Ninety more to go...

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