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31 March 2012

Outrage Is Not Enough

The outrage is real. It transcends race and class. And it is not enough.
Outrage over the stolen life of one precious child is not enough.
Protests are important, meaningful and necessary. And they are not enough.
Deep conversations and thoughtful analysis are mandatory and essential. And they are not enough.
All of it is important and none of it is enough.
Individual awakenings here and there - if they are occurring and I am not certain that they are - are not enough to change systems, structures, institutions, society and its policies. None of it is enough.
And there are far too many who don't want to change a thing, do a thing, not a single thing, differently. The status quo, is all right with them, justified:
He was suspended from school, he had marijuana, he fought, he wore a hoodie, he was there - in a gated community, he was black. Outrage is not enough.

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