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27 April 2009

Of Patrimony and Matrimony

Patrimony is one's ancestral legacy, in a word: heritage.
Matrimony is one's spousal union, in a word: marriage.
Patrimony is passed down through the ages.
Matrimony is temporal and temporary, (F/LDS theology not withstanding.)
In spite of all of the matriarchs and their daughters, female judges, women prophets, female disciples, saints and martyrs, the heritage of the Church is still constructed as a patrimony.
And that there is no word for female ancestral legacy reveals the limits of the sanctified imagination ~ as my ancestors taught me. (The designation of the corresponding term for something other than a corresponding body of knowledge eliminates the possibility of deploying the "natural" term for this natural purpose.
If a thing cannot be named, it cannot exist ~ as my sages taught me.
Now, where's that Wikedary?...

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