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22 May 2009


I don't mean people who eat other people, although they're included.
I mean people who ravage and destroy other people.
And yes, there are other species on the planet who harm their own, but they don't seem to enjoy it. Animal cannibals seem to consume their own kind (or even their own young) to survive.
Humans are positively depraved, and not just in comparison.
(I didn't know I was a Calvinist!)

We are capable of so much more, and many do so much more.
Sometimes I wish that the innocence and joy of childhood could last forever.

Are we a bipolar species?

And I do believe that that the numbers of those who consume and destroy other people represent a small section of the human species. The world is full of good and well intentioned people. Sometimes their gifts and accomplishments seem to be overshadowed by the darkness in the world.

Yet we Christians are celebrating Life-from-Death followed by (Re)New(ed) Community. I am looking for signs of life and new beginnings. They are out there. And in here. They are real. The light will overcome the darkness.

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