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09 November 2010

We Are Job

We are Job. We suffer.
We have suffered and still suffer.
We have experienced unimaginable horror.
Why? God? Why?
A heavenly craps game is as good a reason as any.

There is so much brokenness, devastation and grief in the world.
The shrieking sounds of an ear-splitting lament cannot voice it.

The ancient Job demanded God give an account, testify, face justice, do justice.
I have different demands of the Whirlwind.

No more. I can't take it anymore. Stop. Leave me alone. If this is how you're going to treat me. Then abandon me. Neglect me.

Emmanuel. You are with us. In everything. In every thing.
What are you doing? While you are watching, what do you feel?
You know what we feel. We tell you. With and without words.
You hear us.

I keep waiting for the world to change.
I keep waiting for my change.

Job's God, where are you and what are you doing?


  1. And thank you for the affirmation. I wrote "we" hoping it wasn't just "me."