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22 January 2011

Doing Me

It is my birthday. Not today, but soon. And I am going to celebrate. with good friends, good food, champagne and dancing. 
I have had a challenging year in some ways: I was treated with unparalleled disrespect by some co-workers and our professional relationships have been changed and are tortured and tortuous. I have had some serious health issues. And I have had some deep disappointments.
I have also had a year of blessing: I have had wonderful professional accomplishments, my work has been well-received, blessed others and I have been blessed as well in it. Each medical challenge has been mitigated or at least abated. I have received so much love and support through my difficult days. I have found a voice in my writing - both blogging and professional writing. And I am in a good place with my relationship with God - in spite of my hurts and disappointments, I have been able to cling to God's love and have a prayer companion who reminds me of that love when I doubt it.
I have always had a problematic relationship with my birthday. It hasn't always been a day of celebration. This year I decided to spend my birthday "doing me" as the contemporary slang goes. I will celebrate myself, the gift of my life and my triumphs in spite of my challenges.
Happy birthday beautiful!