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12 February 2011

Midrash Remix

I heard a poet take the words of a song and craft them into a new poem. It occurred to me that such a remix might be a form of midrash. There is a rabbinic principle that every word and indeed every letter of the scripture is sacred. If so, then what new (old) meanings might be revealed when loosing the words from their temporary bonds to their neighbor words?

I want my shepherd
the green of pastures
his still waters
your rod and your staff
a table with oil
goodness and mercy
my life
long of life

the darkest valley
I shall not fear
no evil
I walk through

lie down my soul
in right paths
comfort me
in the presence of my enemies

the Lord is
he makes
he leads
he restores
he leads

you anoint me in all days
they prepare me
follow me
beside me
even though you are with me

for my head
surely shall
the whole house dwell
in my cup
before me

the Lord overflows
for you and my name’s sake I shall


  1. I'll use this as an assignment in teaching. The poet remixed Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" and something by Beoncé; it was amazing.