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18 May 2011

A Preaching Sabbatical

I am not scheduled to preach until the Fall.
I have been on sabbatical from the congregation in which I volunteer to support the paid staff for five months. I have been (and will be again) a scholar-in-residence at another congregation. I preached twice there.
I have been back to my own congregation to visit and even said one special Mass. I also preached one pre-negotiated sermon for a special commemoration. And I have preached a sermon on the road. All of this marks a great difference from my usual practice of preaching every month, sometimes as many as three times a month. And now an even greater change, a true sabbatical from preaching - more than three months.
And I have to admit I am finding it hard to contemplate. I am already grieving it. What shall I do? Shall I blog the sermons I would have preached? That doesn't feel the same. How will my sabbatical from preaching enrich my ministry of preaching? I have no idea. With all of my sabbatical plans, this is one thing for which I did not plan.

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