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28 June 2011

A One State Solution

Recently I heard a proposal for a one state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This Palestinian pastor and scholar called for a whole new paradigm: A single nation-state for all Palestinians, Israeli Jews, Christian and Arabs. A new state with a new name to reflect all its people. A new state with a new song (national anthem) and a new flag.

He acknowledged that was virtually impossible in the current climate, but he was dreaming what could be. A true democracy where all enjoyed full citizenship, respect, dignity, the right to assemble, live, work and play. An end to Palestinian reservations and Israeli-only neighborhoods, and roads that by-pass some communities and only connect others with no on or off ramps. He dreamed a state where the rights up the minorities would be vigorously upheld and enshrined. he suggested moving the capital, perhaps  to Tev-Aviv, perhaps Ramullah, perhaps both. (I say why not Hebron.) He imagined Jerusalem as a federally protected unified enclave, with only one nation, there would be no need to divide it any further.
There is that could be critiqued in his dream. But I don't want to critique him or his dream. I want to join him in dreaming. I want others to join us in dreaming. I want us to dream, envision and imagine the world that might be and work together with each other and God to make it happen.
Keep dreaming sir...

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