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17 July 2011

A Jewish State

I have so many questions about the future of Israel and Palestine and hopes for a just and lasting peace. I have these hopes in spite of the questions. Yet the questions are urgent, pressing and unrelenting.
What does it mean to be a Jewish State?
What does it mean for non-Jews to be citizens of a Jewish state?
How are the citizenship and contributions 
of non-Jewish citizens acknowledged and honored in a Jewish state?
Which Judaism is the official Judaism of the Jewish state?
Who decides which Judaism is the official Judaism of the Jewish state?
How is the diversity of Jewishness of citizens acknowledged and honored 
in a Jewish state with a particular designation 
of one type (or sub-set) of Judaism as legitimate and normative?
Can a state be Jewish (religiously or culturally) and democratic?
What happens if (when) a fully enfranchised minority outnumbers the dwindling majority?

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