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07 December 2010

Alternate Universe

I believe that the universe is larger than we can imagine. I'm also a fan of science fiction and like the idea of alternate universes with some parallels to our own but key differences.
And I have been wondering...
What would have happened if Hillary Clinton won the White House?
In the aftermath of the inevitable financial collapse and other international crises, I am certain that she would have faced the same venomous rhetoric - but with a key difference - the hateful rhetoric would not have been racist. After all  Hillary Clinton shares and benefits from white privilege.
There was a lot of sexist hate-speech during her campaign. I image that it would have proliferated as has the racist vitriol.
Given that right-wing politicians would not be able to "other" her racially as they have President Obama would a new wave of sexist public discourse emerge? Would the need to "other" and subordinate a white woman POTUS give rise to sexism on the scale of the racism we have seen in the past two years? And how would that righteous right-wing retro-sexual sexism affect Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman and the other emerging female (but certainly not feminist) leaders - or wound-be leaders - in the Republican Party?
Where would we be as a nation? Even in an alternate universe, I imagine our public discourse would still be uncivil, but just in a different way.
There real question is, is there a universe in which our public discourse is civil?
Now that might only exist in science fiction. How sad.

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