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19 December 2010

Light Edging Darkness (Advent IV)

The circle is full of light.
There is seemingly no  room for even one more candle.
(Yet soon one more candle will indeed find its way to the heart of the circle-wreath.)
Now the complete circle of light shines light in all directions.
And at the far-flung edge of that light, the darkness waits, circling the light like a halo.
The light of the Bethlehem star extends far, but only so far.
The lights of Epiphany will come to blaze, then dim.
At the turning of the world one sunrise will commemorate an epoch-changing victory of light over darkness.
Yet there is still darkness in the world.
At the edge of the light, encircling the light, the darkness waits it own Advent. Soon, the darkness will return, gaining strength.
I long for the Advent that will banish all darkness, healing the world and all her broken souls.


  1. Thanks for this thoughtful post. Wanted to let you know I introduced you at RevGalBlogPals today; welcome to the ring, officially!

  2. Thanks! It's been a interesting couple of months.

  3. Hello hassopheret and welcome to RevGals! I share in your longing "for the Advent that will banish all darkness...."