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19 April 2011

Reflections on an Uneven (Unleavened?) Lenten Practice

The best way to ensure that I will not do something everyday is apparently for me to vow or even plan that I will do it every day. This is especially true for Lenten disciplines, even with Sundays off. This Lenten season was as those before, a fully incarnational experience. While it was not an intentional part of my practice (to fail or be unable to fully complete or preform the observances I had set), I did benefit from an increased awareness of my frailties and failings, my shared humanity. And, I did not beat myself up this year, (or at least not as much as in other years).
There were other benefits as well, even though I go to the gym several days a week, I had (and am having) a wonderful time walking almost every day, twice some days. I am seeing some slight but welcome changes in my body. I hope to keep walking when I return home, even though the scenery isn't as compelling. And at some point the weather back home will call that commitment into question. There is always the gym.
I even ate a little bit better. And that is so hard for a woman who doesn't cook much or well. I shall try to extend my commitment to eating at least one fresh, preferably raw, fruit, vegetable or serving of nuts a day. Sounds pitifully inadequate, doesn't it? Yet some days I couldn't even manage that. I'll also continue to give myself a day off. That helped with the guilt cycle.
On the other hand, I found a new way of praying that blesses my soul. And for that I am truly grateful.

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