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01 April 2011

OK, So I'm Not A Complete (Lenten) Failure

I am doing ever so much better with my Lenten resolutions. It seem that my recent change of scenery helped. I have fewer excuses for not exercising. (But if it were about making excuses, it shouldn't matter where I am.) I stocked up on fresh fruit and other healthy goodies (I did at home too, but here I'm eating them). I wonder if it's because I don't have a routine here and everything is new. I know exactly where to go for burgers and BBQ (which aren't off limits but greatly reduced and to be preceded by healthy "-ier" food). I wonder how much of it is simply being in a new place. As before, my prayer practices are rich and nurturing. And I am grateful. I am extra grateful that I no longer feel like a failure with regard to my sacrificial discipline. (And how sad is it that eating healthier is "sacrificial"!)

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